Media Giant Admits Building Spy Network For Global Govt, Conquest Of USA, Mark Zuckerberg is Working for Big Brother and Working to Keep Conservative Voices Silenced and Censored  

Share With Your Friends On Facebook, Twitter, Everywhere       Globalism is the enemy of a sovereign United States run by the American citizens. The two cannot co-exist. Brexit was the result of the continued unrest and dissatisfaction over the decisions all being made by authoritarian bureaucrats in Brussels or wherever they might hold their gatherings. Relinquishing self-determination results in less freedom, more rule by dictate, and less self-determination for those under its dominion. Those who support globalism do so either out of ignorance or selfishly, for their particular individual exploitative benefit, as enemies of the United States and the American people. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not ignorant. In a draft document of one that was later published with some of the more revealing text removed, Zuckerberg exposed plans to “fight terrorism” through the use of artificial intelligence on his Facebook spy network. The intrusive, Big Brother nature of his scheme was fleetingly exposed as the pathway to global tyranny that it is. He touted his scheme that is directed at micro-managing every user and every user’s experience and content, saying, “The long term promise of AI is that in addition to identifying risks more quickly and accurately than would have already happened, […]

Source: Media Giant Admits Building Spy Network For Global Govt, Conquest Of USA


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