There are many facets to being healthy. One of them is the food we eat, and people are eating GMO’s, especially in processed foods, that cause all kinds of health problems. Many countries have already banned them, but we haven’t. WHY??



Why is it the medical field looks at cancer and heart disease as the most life threatening diseases when the number one cause of death in America today is due to prescription drugs?  Prescribed by the medical field itself!

Why is it the Food and Drug Administration gives Americans guidelines for healthy eating, complete with a food pyramid, while at the same time allows Genetically Modified Foods  that have been banned from many nations as unsafe and deadly to their citizens with little or no nutritional value? Actually tests have shown it is toxic to most human systems and cause and or contribute to a myriad of physical disorders. And why does the FDA allow our chicken to be shipped to China for processing and then returned to be sold on US soil?  Why is that?

Why is it that the government is concerned with our health at the so…

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