Sometimes the media twists what Donald say so bad that it is nothing like what he actually said, they’ll do anything to try and get Hillary in as president.


U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses to look at a demonstrator behind him during a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina,

Attention GOP, News Media, and American Public…the problem is not Trump and what he says…the problem is what the media says he said that he did not say!

The next question to ask is ‘why?’  It is because  Trump is a nationalist whose mission is to restore America’s manufacturing, jobs, the economy, fossil fuels, healthcare, treatment of veterans, respect for law and order, redo a failed foreign policy, reduce the national debt, end common core, stop toxic vaccines,  GMO’s, enforce our border laws, stop illegal immigration and build a wall, end unlawful sanctuary cities,  keep our first and second amendment rights, and appoint honest judges to the Supreme Court! Which all means to make her great again at a time when the globalists have all but destroyed her from within!

So yea…there is a problem with both the DNC and the never Trump GOP who want a new world global order…

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