Here is some background on some of the things that have gone on in the past that brought us to where we are now.


glass Clinton_nominee_07_27

Hillary breaking through the glass ceiling was a satanic ritual of huge proportions.  The earth’s firmament being a protective heavenly dome, is the same dome Nimrod and the people of Babylon built the tower to reach up into the heavens (firmament) and make war with God.  It is the very same firmament or dome that keeps man earthbound.  No one can travel past the firmament – which scientists  secretly call a glass ceiling as they laugh at us all behind our backs.  We are told it is the Van Allen radiation belt that keeps us from going into space….at the same time we are told we are on Mars and have been to the moon but now they have all but abandoned the space program???  What ever it is, it’s not for us to know. It’s all a big bang.

Hillary’s proclamation of the number of cracks she put…

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