Check Out The Facts – 9 Parking Places For 200 to 300 People?

More evidence of this false flag operation in Orlando


The press is going crazy with their false reporting.  It’s time to stop their insanity before it affects our own.

Let’s look at the size of the Pulse Club and see that they only have 9 parking places and are supposed to have 300 people bulging inside with room to dance, breathe and move.

orlando pulse copy

Then let’s look at the size of the building and ask ourselves how many were really at the Pulse inside?

orlan dopulse copy

Now let’s look at the other reporting…like the film footage of wounded outside the MRI building, next to the Dunkin Donuts which is across the street from the Pulse.

orlando                        purse copyPULSEV copyorlandopu lse copy

And let’s not forget all the eye witnesses and the doctors who are world famous that no one knows? Or the eye witness story of his slosh through the patio. Getting into his car and going into the 7 eleven next door and his life and death…

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