Where Is America Going? Are You Following The Right Path?

Things don’t always turn out the way we’d like them too, but God knows what we need and will supply if we do humble ourselves and pray.


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Does God gamble?  Does he even have to?  Heck no.  He says “thus saith the Lord” and it is done!  During the time of his proclaiming (sometimes a great number of years – depending on the prophecy proclaimed) it often looks grim.  Then, in a twisted chain of events (often a series that looks like all has failed) God always turns things around in a miraculous way and guess what?  God’s word prevails and he is never mocked.  Only false prophets and false soothsayers are the ones with egg on face.  Never God.

There is nothing that God has ever set in motion to be done that the whims of hell has ever been able to divert or stop.  It is what it is.  So please take note.  The impossible always triumphs in the end.  God has a way of showing his people the signs to follow are the impossible…

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