Did you really think this election would be honest and above board?? Well, it’s not, and probably hasn’t been for some time, it’s a joke, just like our president and his minions.


TRUMP AAAAuntitled

If you are watching the main stream Wisconsin voter coverage  – turn it off.  They are all lying to try and explain the voter fraud.  I have tried to watch it with a fair sense of reality and failed to find any relation.  If you watch …. take notes for it will change minute to minute as they try and establish their narrative that seems to become believable.

Those who know their candidate will not be fooled any more than any who know who they trust.  If you trust the establishment media…by all means continue to listen to their rhetoric.  If you know the establishment media lies…walk away.  Do not allow them to lie to you again to your face, it will only cause ripples in your energy field. The energy you will need to go forward in this election year and every day life.

The world is watching and laughing…

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