CRUZ WHY IS YOUR FOREIGN POLICY ADVISOR A CFR MEMBER? I thought you hated that pernicious nest of snakes?

Here is some more important information on brother Ted and the people who surround him.



We’ve all heard him say it at least once.  Ted Cruz calls the Council on Foreign Relations a “Pernicious Nest of Snakes”.  He has excused his wife Heidi from her FIVE YEARS of serving on the Council on Foreign Relations as a Junior stint, joining after the Bush years to only try to put a conservative viewpoint into that pernicious nest!  Well, Ted, why didn’t she quit when she realized her assigned project wasn’t going to be a conservative constitution based one?  Why did she stay and help to create the manual to destroy America’s structure from within to achieve the North American Union?

The time has come to ask Ted more questions.  Why did he hire  one of the head Viper’s of the Pernicious Nest of Snakes, Elliot Abrams to help craft his foreign relations?  Yes, Ted why?   Why did you add this Neo Con Globalist whose resume shines with all the venomous  years of serving the Council…

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