Would you like to know what all the Fuss is about Common Core? Here are some of the facts:


Common Core standards were written by five men behind closed doors. They crafted the standards through the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Millions of dollars were given to push Common Core before it was even written. Even Catholic Schools were lobbied to push this in return for cash. These foundations are privately owned and copyrighted.


The government has been transforming the way education is done in this nation, through private resources for a long time. Why?   Because, since a 1965 legislative act, the federal government is prohibited from creating school curriculum. So to get around that red tape they hired a private group to write and push a new curriculum. See act here:

To get around this act, for example, Race To The Top in 2009 was given billions and billions of tax payer money to the states to push this agenda written by a private source. They did…

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